The rules for publishing

The rules for submitting, reviewing, and publishing scientific articles

Design rules of submitted articles

The article should contain the following information:
- UDC (Universal Decimal Classification)
- specialty or group of specialties of researchers;
- name, patronymic of the author(s) (NO ABBREVIATIONS!);
- academic degree, academic title;
- position, place of work (if available) (NO CUTS!);
- title of article (in Russian and English);
- abstract (5-10 lines) (Russian and English);
- key words (8-10 words) (Russian and English);
- contact information (post address, e-mail).
References (only in the original language).

The review is conducted in accordance with the requirements of VAK (All- Russian attestation Commission),"Requirements for review and the procedure for reviewing articles for journals approved by VAK".
The article should be accompanied by a recommendation letter or company, Institute, academic Council or the Department summary where the work was performed, and personally signed by the author(s) license agreement on transfer of rights to publish in this journal with confirmation that the article has not been published elsewhere and not submitted to other publications.


submitted for publication in the publishing house "Kompozit XXI century" magazines

Text requirements:
Text should be typed in MS Word (.doc) font: Times New Roman, font size - 12, line spacing - 1; text is not formatted. Paragraphs are organised by pressing Enter again.
All lettering in figures should be explained in the text or caption. Unacceptable differences in the callouts in the figures and in the text. Bibliographic references in the text are in square brackets - [ ].

The requirements for the formulae:
Directly in the text typed by a simple notation and equations (e.g., m2; n2t, C=1+DDF–A2), symbols and Greek letters (for example, ®, ©, ?, ?, ?) is the Symbol font. What is impossible to dial in a text editor - typed using the equation editor Microsoft Equation (part of Microsoft Office) or Mathtype.
The formulas presented in the form of images, are NOT ALLOWED!
It is necessary to number only those formulas, which are referenced in the text.

Photo requirements and drawings:

Photographs and drawings to articles should be submitted as separate files with extensions .тif, .EPS or .jpeg with a resolution of at least 300 dots (dpi).
Graphs and charts are done in Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and CorelDraw and are provided with extensions .xls, .eps .ai .indd, .cdr .pdf, .ps.
For example, if graphs and charts were drawn by means of standard Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), they should be provided without converting to other formats.
As the charts and graphs NOT ACCEPT files with .jpeg .jpg, .png, .tif, .psd and other "photographic" extension.